Durable Digital Cameras for Kids

Yeah, she looks cute, but you won't be laughing when she drops your expensive camera.


You're beaming with pride as you hang your child's latest photographic masterpiece on the wall. You're sure she's going to be the next Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, or Henri Cartier Bresson. She loves taking pictures and definitely shows some talent, but it's tough to encourage creativity when you're constantly worried she's going to break or drop your expensive camera.

Luckily, many companies offer hardy, low-cost digital cameras designed specifically for children. These cameras have similar features as those made for grown-ups, such as a flash and the ability to download pictures to a computer. Cameras designed for kids have different features, and not all of them are good. Many have smaller LCD screens, lower megapixels and a digital zoom that reduces image quality. Most don't have removable memory cards. Yet they're built for small hands, so they're larger and easier to hold, with bigger buttons and even sound effects.

Not sure which camera is right for your little one? Click through these options to find for the best choice for your budding shutterbug.