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MP3 Players

MP3 players come in many different brands and with many different options, but all have a common purpose: Personal audio enjoyment. Learn more about top MP3 players, how they work and how online music technology works with them.

How MP3 Players Work

MP3 players are everywhere -- and for good reason. These portable devices are a convenient way to store and listen to music and to view photos and videos. In some cases, they're even crossed with other devices, like cell phones. Learn the latest on MP3 players.

They're Killing the MP3, but That's OK

The company that created the MP3 compression standard for audio will no longer support the popular file format. Learn more at HowStuffWorks. See more »

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Why weren't The Beatles on iTunes?

The Beatles weren't on iTunes for a long time due to issues between Apple and Apple Corps. Learn more about why the Beatles weren't on iTunes. See more »

Can I run my MP3 player on methanol?

Can you run a MP3 player on methanol? Lithium-ion batteries currently power MP3 players, but is running a MP3 player on methanol an option? See more »

iPod Pictures

These iPod pictures show off your favorite iPod models take a look at the history of iPod development. See iPod pictures to learn about the different products. See more »

How MP3 Players Work

MP3 players allow you to carry video, pictures or even thousands of songs in your pocket. Read reviews on MP3 players and learn how MP3 players work. See more »

How iTunes Works

iTunes software lets you sort, play and add to a digital media collection on your computer and sync it to a portable device. Learn about iTunes and iPods. See more »