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10 Off-the-wall iPhone Apps

Rotary Dialer
Rotary Dialer
Rotary Dialer
Screenshot by Peter May

Perhaps you've heard the expression "dial the phone" and wondered where it came from. Unless you are of a certain age, you may never have seen a phone with a rotary dial. Now, you can try your hand -- or finger -- at dialing numbers on the world's most advanced telephone. Perhaps you could even imagine you're Humphrey Bogart grabbing a heavy black phone from the desk and feverishly dialing a beautiful damsel, catching her just before she heads off to her demise.

Rotary Dialer enables you to experience the days when calling phone numbers containing mostly eights, nines and zeros required patience, as you waited for the dial to return to its original position for each and every digit. Due to popular demand, however, you will not experience the frustration of starting over again if you dial a single incorrect digit. The latest version of Rotary Dialer includes a backspace function. Of course, if you're a true phone-dialing aficionado, backspace simply isn't your style.

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