10 Myths About Video Games


There's a Madden Curse

As far as silly video game myths go, this one is pretty darn eerie. Around the year 2000, game developer and publisher Electronic Arts began featuring football players on the cover of its popular "Madden NFL" game every year. And a weird thing started happening. For several years, nearly every player to grace the cover of the game ended up being injured the following season. Some merely turned in poor performances. Star athletes were seemingly struck down left and right by the Madden curse.

Of course, there's a logical explanation for how the Madden curse came to be. Athletes picked for the cover are always coming off of great seasons, and football is a rough game. It happens in the NFL all the time: Some athletes turn in weak seasons, and others get injured. The curse is well-known, but that doesn't mean appearing on the cover of a video game magically causes players to sprain ankles.