Are surgeons using video games for training?

Surgeons Using Video Games: Cheat Sheet

Stuff you need to know:

• Performing laparoscopic surgery is a lot like playing a video game, with the finger-triggered action happening remotely via a joystick.

• The impetus for the study that proved a beneficial connection between video-game play and surgical skills was a surgeon who really loved gaming.

• In this 2007 study, surgeons who played video games made up to 47 percent fewer surgical errors compared to surgeons with no gaming history, and they completed surgical tasks up to 39 percent faster.

• The military has been using interactive simulation technology for surgical training for many years, because they can afford it.

• If the results of this single study are borne out in others, it could allow organizations with less funding than the military to incorporate this type of training into their programs via off-the-shelf gaming consoles.

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