10 Reuses for Old Video Game Controllers

Create an iPhone Dock From an NES Controller
This iPhone dock was cleverly repurposed from an NES controller. Woody6Switch/Etsy

Here's a way to repurpose old tech for new tech: Use an old NES controller to make an iPhone dock. To do so, you'll need the controller, an iPhone or iPod cord, scissors, utility knife, sandpaper, a small Phillips screwdriver and wire cutters.

First, remove the six screws and take off the plastic back of the controller. Then, remove the circuit board, notch out a space for the iPhone/iPod cord and cut the cord that connects the circuit board to the NES. While you're wielding your scissors and utility knife, be sure to cut a hole in the top of the controller and connect the iPhone/iPod connector through it. Once you've finished, reassemble the controller and plug the cord into an outlet.

You can nest your iPhone on top of the controller, plug it into the cord that is now emerging from the controller and voilà! -- charge your iPhone [source: Instructables].