10 Reuses for Old Video Game Controllers

Transform NES Controller Into a Wallet
The versatile NES controller can also be transformed into a wallet. OneUpGallery/Etsy

Why carry around an ordinary wallet when you can put your cash in an icon? The versatile NES controller can be transformed into a wallet. It's as easy as splitting the controller lengthwise, removing its interior working parts and gluing a zipper along the length of it.

Start by removing the six screws on the back of the controller; this should allow the front and back of it to separate. If a screw sticks, gently pry until it releases. Then, remove the circuit board and use a wire snip to cut its connections to the controller case. Dab some craft glue or super glue onto the back of the rubber keys so they don't fall out. Finally, glue a zipper along three sides of the controller and connect the fourth edge by gluing in a strip of ribbon [sources: Instructables, Preuss].