10 Reuses for Old Video Game Controllers

Convert Them to Work With Your Computer
You can buy a Microsoft connector that will link a wireless Xbox controller to a computer’s USB. Microsoft

Have an old PS3 or Xbox controller lying around? By making some minor adjustments, you can pair outdated controllers with a PC (and in some instances, a Mac). If you're a fan of console-to-PC games (think Steam), then you can see why this might be a good idea. Using an old controller will save the expense of buying a custom PC controller. Plus you'll have better control (pun intended) when playing on the PC.

For about $20 you can purchase a Microsoft connector that will link a wireless Xbox 360 controller to a computer's USB. You'll need this workaround because a PC can't read this wireless controllers' proprietary tech. Other wireless controllers, like PS3, use Bluetooth. This means that if your PC is Bluetooth enabled, you should be able to connect the two. If not, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter [source: Plunkett].