10 Reuses for Old Video Game Controllers

Sell the Super Scope (and Your Controllers)
You can sell or trade old controllers and cartidges online or at game retailers Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Super Nintendo had a gun called the Super Scope. It was 2.5 feet (76 centimeters) long and shaped like a bazooka, and it's not likely to be something you use anymore. So why keep it around? Gather your old controllers and make some scratch. You could trade them in at local game retailer like GameStop, but you're likely to make more money if you sell them outright. Try listing them on eBay, Craigslist or an online gaming forum. Some of the rare ones are worth a lot: A PlayStation Move motion controller for a Sony PS3 Move was selling for $9,000 on eBay.

You could also explore Web sites that buy electronic gear like BuyMyTronics, Cash For Gamers or Nextworth, which has a brick-and-mortar presence at retailers like Target. Most companies that buy electronic gear will give you a quote before you make a final decision to send them your gear, and they'll pay for shipping.