10 Reuses for Old Video Game Controllers

Make NES Controller Into Belt Buckle
These compact, flat, rectangular controllers can make great belt buckles for your skinny jeans. KawaiiFurGear/Etsy

Ah, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not only does it provide plenty of fodder for which children can mock their parents, but it's so absolutely retro that even hipsters think it's cool. Well, the NES controllers at least. These compact, flat, rectangular controllers are now seen holding up skinny jeans on the pages of FHM and Wired. You could purchase your own or you could make one out of a repurposed controller.

To begin the transformation, cut the cord off the controller. (Make sure it's not plugged in, of course). Then bend and solder a stretch of wire into a square (the bottom section of a wire hanger is the ideal length), add a couple of brackets to the back of the controller with the wire underneath. Affix the entire affair to one end of a belt. Your NES belt buckle is ready to wear. Be sure to tuck your T-shirt in, though. You wouldn't want the world to miss out on your awesomeness [source: Instructables].