How do you put music on your PSP?

A PSP (Playstation Portable) is a hand-held game console that you can also use to surf the Internet, store images and photos, and play movies and music. It has a small screen and speakers that turn this portable device into a small Wi-Fi-equipped entertainment center. You can copy music that you have downloaded on your computer in a few simple steps. Any music files in an MP3 format can be loaded onto your PSP. You can copy the music to the media stick in your PSP or to the PSP storage system.

Create a new folder on your computer with the music that you want to copy to your PSP. Make sure the songs are in the MP3 format. You cannot copy songs that were downloaded from iTunes because they are in a different format. Attach your PSP with the memory stick to your computer with a USB cable. Your computer will show a message that new hardware was detected. Click on the Start menu and then computer tab to locate the PSP file. Now drag and drop the new music folder to the PSP folder, and close the folder. Click on the icon for the USB device to remove it safely. Your PSP can now function as a musical device, as well.


You can copy music directly onto the PSP memory stick if your computer has a designated memory stick slot. Remove the memory stick from your PSP and insert it into your computer. Follow the same steps to transfer the music file. Return the memory stick to your PSP to listen to your favorite music anywhere you go.