How to Sync Your Phone to Your Computer

Today's cell phones do more than just make calls. You can take snapshots and videos, maintain a contact list, keep appointments in a calendar, send and receive SMS messages, and even play music. However, simply having all these features is only part of the story. For example, you can't do much with photos and videos unless you download them to you computer. Sending them through your cell phone carrier is far more expensive than e-mailing them. It's also much easier to add and edit contact information from a computer keyboard than from the cell phone's tiny keypad. The solution? Synchronize your phone to your computer, and keep everything up to date [source: German].

Here's how to sync your phone to your computer:


  1. Shop around for a good cell phone sync program. There are many available in stores and online (some free), but make sure you get one that's compatible with -- and has the features that will work with -- your cell phone. Check the specifications carefully [source: German].
  2. Install the syncing program.
  3. Connect your cell phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with your phone. Note that, depending on its version, the sync program may start automatically, when the cable's connected to the cell phone and the computer [source: Microsoft].