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There are already several products available that Power Paper batteries can be integrated with; and with devices becoming increasingly smaller, the market for thin power sources is huge. It's really the new devices that are yet to be developed that will make the most use of this new technology. Because Power Paper batteries are made with ink, and don't need a casing, there's no limitation as to the shape or size of the battery. Currently, there are several applications for these Power Paper batteries, including:

  • Smart cards and tags - Power Paper batteries can be laminated onto smart cards and other micro-devices and replace ordinary tickets and tags. It is possible that tickets to major sporting events could use this technology to limit counterfeiting. And imagine a ticket that could not only grant you admission, but also give you directions to your seat!
  • Disposable medical devices - Single-use delivery and diagnostic devices could have Power Paper incorporated into their construction to allow for sensors and smart labels.
  • Electronic games and entertainment devices - The possibilities are endless for using Power Paper batteries in novelty items, baseball cards, greeting cards and lottery tickets. Labels on just about any product could become interactive.

Power Paper expects to form joint ventures and licensing agreements with companies in these markets. The company says that manufacturers can integrate the technology into their manufacturing process, making it a seamless addition to their products. You can expect to see devices using Power Paper batteries by the end of 2001.

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