How the Skybar Wine System Works

The skybar Wine System chills, pours and preserves wine.
The skybar Wine System chills, pours and preserves wine.
Photo courtesy Jarden Consumer Solutions


­Like popping open a can of soda or tearing into an ice cream sandwich wrapper, uncorking a bottle of wine involves a certain level of commitment. Once open, the window of opportunity for finishing the wine narrows as soon as the oxygen from the surrounding air reaches the fermented juice. But sometimes, all you want is one glass of wine to pair with your dinner. Or maybe you're in the mood for a red, and a friend has a taste for a white, but neither wants to down an entire bottle alone.

What's a wine lover to do? There's always the boxed wine option that dispenses as much or as little as you please and claims to stay fresh for up to six weeks in the refrigerator. But in spite of boxed wine's convenience, its cardboard accoutrements don't connote class.

For the price of a couple hundred boxes of wine, you can preserve your dignity and those precious bottles of merlot, pinot grigio or whatever your palate prefers. The electronic skybar Wine System chills up to three bottles of wine at the precise temperature for drinking, dispenses their contents at the touch of button and preserves any remaining wine in the bottle for up to 10 days. Combining thermoelectric refrigeration and vacuum technology, skybar guarantees to coddle your treasured wines and enhance their flavors for maximum drinking pleasure.

Before we delve into how skybar works its magic, it's worth knowing how to store bottles of wine before drinking. After all, if 500 grapes yield just one bottle of wine, you should treat your vino with care [source: Professional Friends of Wine]. Unless you happen to have a wine cellar in your McMansion, find a dark spot for bottles out of direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. Otherwise, the ultraviolet rays from both light sources will destabilize the organic compounds in the wine, accelerating the aging process and altering the flavor [source: Pandell]. Also, rest them on their sides on a sturdy surface; this sideways position prevents the cork from drying out.

Once you're ready to pop open one -- or three -- of those bottles, don't pick up the corkscrew until it's at the correct serving temperature. Not sure how much to chill that chardonnay or Shiraz? Skybar will guide the way.