How Digital Picture Frames Work

The Web Side

The "My Home" section of the Ceiva Web site
The "My Home" section of the Ceiva Web site

You use the Ceiva Web site to control just about every aspect of the device. After you buy the frame, you go to the Web site to register it and pay for the service. This creates an account on the site that is exclusive to your frame. You can then upload your pictures and determine the settings.

Now you can give the frame to a friend or family member who doesn't have a computer. All that person has to do is plug the frame into a phone line and a power outlet and hit the white button on the back -- simple tasks for even most technologically resistant among us. The first time the frame connects, it dials a toll-free number and downloads the settings you created from the Web site. One of the settings is the local dial-up number to be used by the frame. Now that the frame has these settings installed, it connects to the Internet again, this time using the local dial-up number, to download the pictures you posted to the Ceiva site.

By registering the frame on the Web site, you establish a "My Home" section. From this personalized area, you can control all of the frames on your account.

At "My Home," you can:

  • Set up channels - Various content providers have signed up with Ceiva to provide daily content in the form of images that can be downloaded by the frame. For instance, the Weather Channel provides a local three-day forecast that automatically updates each time the frame dials in.
  • Send pictures - You can send pictures to frames you registered, as well as to other frames that people have given you permission to access. You have at your disposal an online photo album that can hold 1,000 pictures, and the frame can be set to randomly select images from this album. You can also e-mail the photos in your album to anyone with a computer and an e-mail account. When you send a picture, you can adjust some of the settings and add text or borders. The "Send a Picture" section of the Ceiva Web site
  • See what's on the frame - You can see which pictures are currently displaying on each frame on your account, as well as which pictures are waiting to be downloaded and which ones have been deleted.
  • Change the frame's settings - You can control such settings as the name of the frame, the slideshow interval, the time when the frame turns on and off and the local dial-up numbers. The "Settings" section of the Ceiva Web site

Now let's take a look at what the future holds for digital picture frames.