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How a Clothes Steamer Works

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Author's Note: How a Clothes Steamer Works

I'll have you know that I own a powder blue linen suit. No, this is not one of those terrible prom get-ups from the 80s, complete with a ruffled shirt and tablecloth-sized cummerbund. It is a smart, classy, humdinger of a suit. I've worn it on the job, at restaurants and even at my godson's first communion. But if it wasn't for the magic of a steamer, I probably wouldn't have worn it at all. You see, after purchasing this particular item, I noticed a number of tiny pin holes littering the back of the jacket. I can only assume that these were the result of pinning it to either a mannequin or the life-sized voodoo doll that my ex-girlfriend keeps in her closet and for some reason looks a lot like me. Anyway, I took the jacket back to the store, where a nice sales associate whipped out a garment steamer and went to town on the jacket. Ten minutes later, it was as good as new.

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