How Misfit Trackers Work

How to Use a Misfit Tracker

The fitness tracker is also waterproof and can be clipped to your body to record calories burned while swimming.
The fitness tracker is also waterproof and can be clipped to your body to record calories burned while swimming.

The concept behind how to use a Misfit tracker is designed to be pretty easy. The device can be worn on the wristband or clipped elsewhere. The company also offers necklaces sold separately that the circular face can snap into. Once your tracker is affixed, simply wear it as you go about your day. Bear in mind that the location of the tracker does affect how it logs data. Misfit advises bikers, for example, not to wear it on the wrist while cycling, since a person's wrists/hands typically don't move very much. Instead, a pocket, waistband or even ankle would be better locations.

As of 2015, Misfit trackers were most accurate at keeping tabs on swimming, soccer, tennis, running, walking, basketball and cycling. That's not to say that you won't get credit for other types of athletics, but it might not be as accurate. The company acknowledges this particularly with weight training. Sleep data is also collected, including the total number of hours slept and the type of sleep, analyzing body movements throughout the night to determine the latter [source: Misfit].

Misfit devices also track caloric burn and make a basic guess using a two-tier process. First, it estimates burn based on physical activity for the day, which is influenced by the intensity and duration of the exercise. People also use up calories just by virtue of being alive. Known as basal metabolic rate (BMR), it represents roughly two-thirds of calories consumed, and Misfit trackers come up with this rate by taking into account the user's height, weight, gender and age [source: Misfit].

Misfit users set up daily goals, which can be checked throughout the day to see if you're on pace. To assess, the wearer needs to double-tap the part of the circular face that would represent the "6 o'clock" location. The screen will then display where you are in terms of achievement by percentage, i.e., 25 percent, 50 percent and so on [source: Misfit]. At any point in the day you can sync it with the Misfit app by bringing the tracker within 12 inches (30 centimeters) of the wireless device you're using, like an iPad or cell phone. The data will then be uploaded and displayed in statistical and graph data, which wearers can use to push themselves harder tomorrow!