How Misfit Trackers Work

Misfit Tracker Options

The Misfit tracker can be taken out of its band and placed on a pendant.
The Misfit tracker can be taken out of its band and placed on a pendant.
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Fashion, function and fee are the three hallmarks of Misfit trackers. The brand prides itself on offering options to suit any budget, as well as a visually pleasing product.

Misfit Shine: The original Misfit product, Shine features a standard black band, but offers faces (a circular disc where the "brain" of the device lives) in a number of colors, including gray, topaz, champagne and even Coca-Cola red. Wearers looking for a little more finesse can order accessories separately, including bands in different hues and even necklaces that the removable face snaps into. Shine can track steps, calories and distance associated with walking, running and other sports. It's even waterproof up to164 feet (50 meters) deep. The model also features a sleep tracking capability, collecting data on the user's total number of hours slept, then subdivided into the types of sleep (light and deep). At $100 a pop, it's comparable in price with other similarly functional brands [source: Misfit].

Swarovski Shine: A glammed-up version of the regular Shine, Swarovski Shine was created to meet the needs of fitness fashionistas. Rather than the standard round face, Swarovski Shine is fitted with an "activity tracking crystal," which comes with both a sport band and a fashion-forward bracelet, depending on the type of look you're sporting for the day. The crystal houses the standard activity tracker, which monitors all the same functions as Shine. Cost starts at $169 [source: Misfit].

Misfit Flash: At $49, Misfit Flash is half the price of Shine. In fact, it can do everything Shine can, but the band and tracker are made out of plastic, rather than aluminum, giving it a more economical look and feel [sources: Kwok, Stein].

All models are powered by a replaceable battery with an estimated four to six month life span, so users don't have to mess around with yet another charging cable. They also sync wirelessly with smartphones, and are compatible with a variety of cool apps, including the one Misfit offers.