10 Weird Wearables That Monitor Your Health

Smart Socks
Sensoria smart socks have circuits and sensors woven inside, as well as an anklet with a wireless chip, to analyze your running technique. Sensoria

For years, health-minded runners — and what other kind is there? — have been sporting wearable electronic devices to help them navigate their workout routes and measure their speed and cardiovascular performance.

But we've come a long way from the days when the state-of-the-art was a bulky GPS device on the wrist, or cumbersome strap-on heart monitors. The latest-generation monitoring devices are not only less obtrusive, but also can track and quantify a much wider range of information.

One such gadget is Sensoria smart socks, which have circuits and sensors woven into them and an anklet with a wireless chip, so that they can measure and communicate how fast and how far you run, and whether your running technique needs work. There is one catch: You have to make sure that you wear the sock on the correct foot, and that the lights on the sole, heel and ankle are blinking properly [source: Sensoria].

Meanwhile, another gadget manufacturer has come up with an electronically enhanced sock that may help you to avoid the stress of having a drawer full of mismatched socks. Blacksocks' Smarter Socks are equipped with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip that can communicate with your iPhone to make sure you always match a sock with its original mate [source: Blacksocks.com].