Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your Car



More and more vehicles are coming equipped with onboard data centers that measure everything from the vehicle's fuel efficiency to average speed. If you don't happen to have these features in your vehicle, fear not. TripAlyzer, developed by Surich Technologies Inc., is for iPhone owners that want to get from point A to point B as quickly (and efficiently) as possible.

At just $5.99, TripAlyzer is more expensive than some of the other iPhone apps. However, once downloaded, iPhone users can enter and save all vehicle information and begin tracking their driving habits. TripAlyzer users the same technology as the GPS systems for the iPhone -- cell tower or WiFi triangulation -- and is designed to analyze your driving habits to calculate how efficiently you use your fuel. For those of you already hypermiling, TripAlyzer will let you know how well you're doing with your eco-friendly driving skills. After each trip, TripAlyzer can also give you a bottom line cost of how much you spent.

By simply entering your odometer reading, TripAlyzer will track the distance of your trip and provide you with valuable information that you can store for future use. Since the intent of TripAlyzer is to help users drive more efficiently and cut down on CO2 emissions at the same time, the app also reminds you of service intervals and can even let you know what your carbon footprint looks like.

Any driver who's been caught in traffic appreciates advance warnings about where the bottlenecks are. Our next app will give you just that.