Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your Car



Fuel prices have become a point of contention among the world's commuters. As recently as November 2011, the price of crude oil topped $100 and analysts were predicting that the price of gas would soon be back to $4 per gallon. But no matter how bad gas prices get, you can always find the lowest prices, no matter where you are, with iGasUp.

For just $2.99, iPhone users can download the iGasUp application and have updated gas station locations and fuel prices at their fingertips. The app gives users the 10 closest gas stations based on the phone's current location. iGasUp uses information derived from Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) -- the same entity that provides price data for AAA, Sirius Satellite Radio and GPS companies such as Garmin.

iGasUp boasts a network of more than 110,000 filling stations across the U.S. Once a driver uses his or her iPhone to pull up the closest 10 gas stations, the information can be sorted by cheapest or closest. The prices are updated frequently and each has a time stamp that indicates the freshness of the price. Users can then plot their course to the filling station of their choice by using the interactive Maps found on the iPhone.

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