Top 5 Car Gadgets


Navigation System

A man setting the destination on his navigation system.
A man setting the destination on his navigation system.

­The old days of reading a map or driving around in circles are over -- with a navigation system, you can get turn-by-turn directions from Point A to Point B. When you plug in a start and end point, a navigation device uses information from governmental positioning satellites to get you where you want to go. Just follow the prompts of your friendly guide (some models let you pick the voice!) and you're on your way. This gadget can span the spectrum of price points, with less expensive models that can be attached to a dashboard to higher priced options that are factory installed. Some navigation gadgets also include MP3 players and directories to help you find the nearest pizza joint.

Now, if you've been in the Amish community since the mid-1980s, which is the assumption we're making about John Book, then you likely think of real-time traffic information as a person yelling out that cows are in the road. But real-time information, of the sort that could help you plan an alternate route home, is the next step for these handy gadgets. Soon, your navigation system will be able to determine car accidents on your route home or re-route you to avoid holiday traffic.