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Drop the phone and focus on the road!
Drop the phone and focus on the road!

­Uh-oh, a bad guy is calling our modern-turned-Amish-turned-modern-again hero John Book with his ransom demands, but John Book is driving in a state where it's illegal to answer a cell phone unless he's using a hands-free device. Bluetooth to the rescue! While the John Book of old would have used a pay phone, now he doesn't have to leave the comfort of his car to take and make important phone calls. But since safety is still our hero's No. 1 priority, he uses a Bluetooth hands-free unit.

Bluetooth is a wireless signal that allows compatible devices to communicate with each other. In this instance, John Book has the gadgets that make his car and his phone sync up. Some cars come equipped with Bluetooth, though it's also possible to buy a receiver that makes your car a hands-free calling zone. Once connected, drivers can make phone calls simply by saying the name of the person they're trying to call. They hear the other person speak through the car's speakers. You can read more about other incredible Bluetooth gadgets in Top 5 Bluetooth Car Accessories.