Top 5 Car Gadgets

Back-up Parking Camera
A back-up parking camera will help you see everything behind you.
A back-up parking camera will help you see everything behind you.

As fans of 1985's "Witness" will remember, John Book goes to great lengths to protect the Amish child turned star witness in a murder case. It stands to r­eason that he'd work to ensure the safety of other children in our make-believe "Witness" sequel, which is why John Book will just love our next car gadget: back-up parking cameras. According to safety advocacy group Kids and Cars, two children are killed and 48 children are seriously injured every week because a driver that was backing up didn't see them [source: Consumer Reports]. It's not that these drivers are lazy or bad people, it's just that there's a blind spot when a car is reversing that's perfect for unknowing children to play in.

Enter back-up parking cameras. These cameras send live images of what's behind the car to a screen on the dashboard; the image comes up as soon as the driver puts it into reverse. And even if no children, pets or bad guys are hiding behind your vehicle, it still provides a handy way to parallel park perfectly or to back your vehicle up to a trailer hitch. This is a gadget that comes ready-installed in some vehicles, but wireless and wired versions are available as well.

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