5 Best Options for Playing a CD in Your Car if You Only Have a Cassette Tape Player


Listen to a Portable CD Player

If you're like most people these days, you like to listen to your music on the go. If you have a personal portable CD player, but no in-dash CD player in your vehicle, why not take that portable player with you when you're headed out for your next trip? Just secure the player in the passenger seat, the center console or wherever it fits best, plug in your ear buds or headphones and you're ready to go. Similar to when we mentioned listening to music through headphones on your laptop, you should always check your local laws to be sure driving with headphones or ear buds is a legal option. Once you've determined that it's perfectly legal, you're free to listen to your CD collection in the car as you drive.

­The beauty with using your personal CD player is that you truly are mobile -- you're streamlined. Sure, you could use a portable CD boom box but why? You personal player is easier to tote, can be stored securely in your glove box or under your seat when you aren't in the vehicle and as an added benefit, the smaller device won't eat batteries like a larger boom box will.