How to Recycle, Reuse and Rid Yourself of VHS Tapes


When VHS was big, I collected movies. I had a giant collection spanning several shelves, then a new device came out called a DVD player. Everyone started ditching the VHS tapes faster than you could say Spats Malone. Eventually, I too, acquired a DVD player. But I never really collected movies the way I did when I had a VHS player. I suppose it had a lot to do with the different set of priorities in my life. I had to support myself and go to college, and owning a DVD copy of a movie I'd seen 100 times just wasn't that important anymore.

What can you do with those old VHS tapes? Personally, I unloaded mine at a local bookstore that dealt in VHS tapes. But there are more ubiquitous ways to rid yourself of this outdated technology. Here are some options.


1. Thrift Stores

Most thrift stores will accept donations of VHS tapes.

2. Green Disk

Green Disk will recycle your old VHS tapes for you.

3. Freecycle

Offer your VHS tapes on Freecycle and hope somebody else wants them.

4. Make Scarecrows

A few commentors on RecycleThis claim that you can use VHS tapes to keep birds out of your garden. Snip the tape and unravel it. The fluttering, black tape will scare birds away.

5. Knit With the Tape has more than one example of a bag made out of old VHS tape.