10 High-tech Tools on the Typical Farm

Driverless Tractor
Would you be open to letting your tractor drive itself? narvikk/Getty Images

The driverless car is an exciting new technology that could revolutionize life on the road. For some of us, it's also incredibly frightening. The idea of traveling down highways at top speeds with no one behind the wheel is hard to wrap our heads around.

Farmers are apparently also feeling a little skittish about letting the machines do the driving on their land. Those behind the technology, however, say that it's just one more invention that stands to make the work of planting and growing a whole lot easier. With this technology, the farmer operates one tractor which links to others that could mimic the first tractor's mode. Driverless tractors are a pricey – in 2013, they cost more than $800,000 each – but they can work around the clock without a human operator and plow more precisely than most human- driven tractors. They also have the potential to allow older farmers to work later into their lives by letting the machines do the physically taxing job of driving a tractor [source: Espinoza].