10 High-tech Tools on the Typical Farm

Hybrid Planter
This multi-hybrid planter allows farmers to change seed type right in the middle of planting. Kinze Manufacturing.

Proper farming isn't just hard work, it's also a craft. That includes making all kinds of decisions about what to plant and where to plant it. Different fields are better suited for different types of seeds, even if they're growing the same type of crops. So-called "workhorse" hybrid seeds may be necessary in more challenging environments, for example, while "racehorse" hybrid seeds may help maximize output in better soil [source: Kinze Manufacturing].

Billed as the first machine of its kind, Kinze Manufacturing's electric multi-hybrid planter is intended to help farmers enjoy the best of both worlds by giving them the ability to automatically change the seeds they plant as the machine moves from one field to another. The technology uses a single seed tube in order to eliminate gaps or hiccups when transitioning from one seed type to another [source: Kinze Manufacturing].