Is there a combination tablet PC-phone on the market?

By: Contributors

A tablet PC is a portable personal computer with a touch screen that runs computer applications together with Wi-Fi capability. Ultra-thin portable computers have been around for a while.

New technologies enable devices, such as the iPhone, to function much like mini tablet PCs, with Wi-Fi Internet capability together with advanced phone technology. The Samsung tablet PC, the Galaxy, operates using the Android OS (operating system). These and other multifunctional smartphone devices are fully functional cell phones with Internet capabilities. They can store lots of information and can be used to download a variety of useful and fun applications. New smartphones may feature larger screens and other capabilities.


A company called OpenPeak has launched a product called the Open Tablet. This multimedia device with 4G-enabled technologies will be able to combine the two functions of tablet PC and phone on a 7- inch (17.8 centimeter) touch screen. It will enable entertainment functions together with Wi-Fi Internet and phone.