5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone



"Things" takes the simple to-do list a step further. Listed as an iPhone "productivity" app, it claims to achieve a perfect balance between "ease of use and powerful features," all for $9.99.

Things looks like a traditional to-do list. Items can be created and added to the list. Due dates can be logged, assigned to categories and projects. The app can handle both the day-to-day and the long-term minutiae of daily and business life. When a user is done with an item they can "check" it off.

Reviewers have consistently recognized several features that sets Things apart from the pack. The "DontShowInToday" function allows to-do items to be shaken off the most immediate list and put into the following day's list, allowing for a more immediate grasp of the present. To-dos can be assigned to specific projects to focus work in a specific area. Finally, there's the Someday list, which may someday need a task manager of its own.