5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone



Benjamin Shell, CEO of Make Your Day Media, decided to switch from a Palm Treo to an iPhone. However, he was lost when he realized the native iPhone time management system didn't meet the needs of his hectic lifestyle.

As the genesis of Shell's company was a program Apple later purchased, he decided to develop a task manager program for his new iPhone, and RemindYou was born. The simple system allowed for a wide variability of input and the ability to see out up to 20 appointments. The twist to the program was it used the iPhone lock screen and its automatic refresher to display and update the list, and synched with iCal and a few other time-management software programs. Rather than searching for a specific date and time, a RemindYou user could see their upcoming events without having to delve into the phone itself.

However, Apple wouldn't approve the app for sale in the App Store. Shell punted and put his application on the market as an independent app, for a purchase price of about $9. An iPhone user simply has to "jailbreak" his or her phone, a small part of the download, and RemindYou is open to him or her, as well as host of other applications never seen in the App Store.

"We've sold about 140,000 since it was released in June 2008," Shell said. "And for a jailbreak application that's amazing. RemindYou is a great application for anyone with a calendar to keep. I made this for myself and I know it works."