5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone


Checklist Wrangler

American society would seemingly cease to exist without checklists. Some people even have a checklist of their checklists. The Checklist Wrangler iPhone app is geared to creating and managing electronic checklists.

Wrangler allows for the creation of lists ranging from daily to yearly. Even a lifetime list can be made, though it's likely many list items will be left behind when the technology changes, leaving the iPhone a dusty relic.

The essence of the system is variability. Need a daily checklist for checking supplies? Wrangler can make it and track it. Need to create a list for frequent travel to remember the essential items? Wrangler has you covered. Indeed, you can make lists ranging from house chores to checking the condition of a nuclear reactor, if you were so inclined. It can even make a list of the lists you have.

Wrangler also allows for organization of related lists into groups, a selection of templates and the ability to send e-mail lists to just about anyone. Checklists may not be fun, but they are necessary.