5 Useful Boating Apps for the iPhone

Even the most experienced boater could use a little help out on the water.
Steve Mason/Getty Images

Ahoy, boaters! Your may use your iPhone for everything from checking in with friends to paying for plane tickets, but it's also your friend when you're heading out on the water. If there's something you need for boating, there's probably an app for it.

Want to save money on fuel? Try the free Cheap Gas! app. Embarrassed because you can't ever seem to tie proper knots, especially if somebody at the marina is watching? Invest $1.99 in ProKnot, and you'll have help when you need it. Want to be able to sail by the stars -- or at least impress others with your knowledge? For $3.99, you can have GoSkyWatch Planetarium. Point your phone at the sky, and the app will tell you what you're seeing. Worried about a breakdown far from shore? Install the free BoatUS app. You can call for an on-water towing service, and the service can find you. Apps can help you find boat ramps, big fish and ships that might be in your path.

A word of caution: iPhone apps are great to have when you need them, but don't depend too heavily on them. After all, you never know when your phone might failor go overboard. Have conventional boating tools at the ready.

Keep reading for a look at five especially useful apps.