5 Things You Should Never Do to Family Photos

Never Use Polyvinyl Album Pages or Black Paper Albums
Those classic black pages are not your best bet.
Those classic black pages are not your best bet.

They may be cheap and easy, but polyvinyl album pages and black paper albums should be avoided. Polyvinyl album pages have a magnetic-like-quality clear film that seals your photos onto a stiff backing similar to thick poster board. Black paper album pages contain dyes that can harm photographs. Back in the day, photographers glued photos to black paper, not knowing any better. Since then, we've learned more about the chemicals in this type of paper and, as a result, better alternatives now exist.

You can find acid-free albums at retail photography or camera stores, craft stores, and department and drug stores. Look for labels or markings that specify that the products are "acid-free." If you want to invest in archival-quality albums, you can find them at archive or art supply stores.

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