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Why are 'unlocked' phones more expensive than locked ones?

Author's Note

Full disclosure: I use an Android phone. One of the reasons I do is because I was able to get it with the plan and carrier that I wanted and wasn't tied down to a contract. Whether I'll switch to an iPhone now that the unlocked versions are available is an open question, but I suspect that my girlfriend -- an Apple fan for the last couple of decades -- is going to make the jump. The cell phone business is a complicated one, with contract restrictions, subsidized (and often free) phones if you'll commit to a couple of years with the same carrier, and different voice and data speeds with Edge, 3G and 4G carrier technologies. At least Apple has made things a little simpler -- or have they made it more complicated? -- by allowing unlocked iPhones. They've given us new options and, while that may make things more confusing, it has to be a good thing.

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