How to Improve the Sound on a TV

While technological advancements in your TV's picture receive all the airtime, your TV's audio has also progressed considerably. Don't just concentrate on your home theater system's picture and leave the audio alone. With a few upgrades, you can significantly improve the sound of your TV and provide your home theater with cinematic quality audio. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to improve the sound on a TV.

  • Speaker Placement Just by making a few adjustments to the speakers that you already have, you can considerably improve the sound quality coming from your audio system. Don't be scared of the cables running to the back of your living room, they can be easily hidden. Use the rear speakers on your sound system as they were intended. Place them in the back of the room. You'll be amazed at the difference in sound [source: Waring].
  • Sound Bar Many flat panel TV consumers have noticed that the audio output of their new TV is not comparable to the picture on the screen. Sound bars are the ideal complement to a sleek new TV screen. One thin, horizontal speaker can now do the work of a surround-sound audio system. With just one cable connection, you can have supreme sound for a competitive price [source: Waring].
  • Component Surround Sound System For the serious audiophiles who want superior quality sound, component surround sound systems are the way to go. You can customize your own system to fit your room and viewing needs with speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier. If you have a large room and you want big sound, build your own home theater system to match your top-quality TV [source: Govan].