How to Delete an Instagram Account

By: Jeremy Glass  | 
 colorful street Rue Cremieux in Paris
Tired of posting content every day about your various vacations (like this shot of the colorful street Rue Cremieux in Paris)? You might want to delete Instagram. Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Before you delete your account ─ a move that will permanently remove your Instagram account from the internet, you might want to consider downloading a copy of your information (i.e. your videos and pics) as a reminder of all the joy (???) this app brought you in the past. Remember, once you click Delete, you will not be able to access the Data Center again. If you just want a temporary break from Instagram, you can disable your account instead of deleting it.

If you've downloaded your images, or really don't care if you see them in the future, here's how to delete your account. It's pretty simple.


1. Log on to Instagram From Your Browser

Fun fact: You can't delete your Instagram account from the Instagram app. So, pull up a browser on either your laptop or your mobile phone and head over to Instagram's Delete Your Account page. If you're already logged in to Instagram, clicking on the "Delete Your Account" link will take you straight to the relevant page.


2. Select From the Drop-down Menu

If you'd like, Instagram gives you the option to send them some feedback about your decision to delete. Is it taking too much of your time? Do you privacy concerns? Instagram want to know and you can select the reason(s) from the drop-down menu.

screenshot of deleting Instagram
Instagram has a pulldown list of reasons as to why you may want to delete your account.


3. Check Out the Other Options

Before they allow you to delete your account, Instagram will give you a few options from the Help Center to assist you in making your final decision. Take the time to check out the links they've provided to assure yourself you're making the best possible choice. You may not have to make as drastic a step as deleting if you just want to do any of the following:


4. Re-enter your password.

Still want to go ahead with deleting? Then re-enter your password and click Delete. There's no turning back now! Your Instagram account is history.