How to Expand Your DVR Size

A digital video radio (DVR), allows you to record your favorite TV programs and then watch them when it's convenient for you. DVRs can even pause live TV and record it, so you can leave the room for a few minutes and come back without missing any of the program. DVRs give you the option of recording two shows simultaneously [source: Time Warner]. The one limitation DVRs have is the storage space. Once your DVR's storage is filled up, you'll have to either delete some of what you saved or expand its storage capacity. There are external hard drives available that are designed to expand the capacity of DVRs [source: Wong]. We will now tell you how expand your DVR size by connecting an external hard drive to your DVR.

  1. Buy an external hard drive that's compatible with your DVR receiver. Take your DVR's model number with you to the store so you can check that the external hard drive you want to buy is compatible with it. You can check with the DVR's manufacturer or ask a sales' associate at the electronics store to recommend the right external hard drive.
  2. Buy an eSata cable to go with the external hard drive.
  3. Unplug the DVR receiver from the wall outlet.
  4. Place the external hard drive in a convenient place next to the DVR.
  5. Locate the SATA port on the back of the DVR and on the back of the external hard drive. These are the ports that the eSATA cable will be connected to.
  6. Plug one end of an eSata cable into the SATA port of the DVR and the other end into the SATA port of the external hard drive.
  7. Plug the hard drive into a wall outlet and turn the power button on. Wait a few minutes to let it warm up.
  8. Plug the DVR into a wall outlet. As soon as it reboots, it will automatically recognize the new hard drive [source: DirectTV].