Halo History

A Brief History of Halo

by Robert Valdes


For those of you left who haven't played Halo, Stuffo has included a Cliff Notes version of the story so far. This will set the stage for Halo 2

The year is 2552. Man has colonized several planets out of our solar system. Humanity's thriving but fragile efforts to expand into space go unchallenged until a strange, alien radio transmission in broken English promises our destruction.

A group of alien races bound together by religion start to destroy planets colonized by humans. They call themselves The Covenant, and they claim the destruction of mankind has been ordained by their gods. Their ultimate goal is Earth, but first they must find it.

Photo courtesy Bungie Studios

A war rages for years between the Covenant and mankind. We lose on every front. The Covenant Juggernaut slaughters millions of humans. In an effort to tilt the odds in our favor, we create the Spartan program to train an elite cyborg soldier unit. The Spartans soldiers wear a special type of armor created with stolen Covenant technology. The Spartans are powerful but are unfortunately all destroyed by the Covenant in one fell swoop at the Battle of Reach. All but one.