How to Travel with a Projector

Portable projectors are great tools for giving presentations, teaching or even showing movies. Projectors can be expensive and fragile though, so you need to be careful when traveling with them. Here are some tips for how to travel with a projector.

  • Use a small lightweight projector The lighter the projector, the easier it is to move around with. You'll have less chance of dropping a projector you can easily lift and manipulate. Also, the general size of the projector matters, as larger, bulkier machines are also harder to carry. For traveling, use a light, portable projector [source: Eisenberg].
  • Buy a protective carrying case Many stores and manufacturers offer a variety of carrying cases designed to protect projectors. There are soft cases for lightweight travel and hard cases for sturdier shock-absorbing protection [source: Dell]. Some carrying cases are designed specifically for particular projectors, while others are universal and can fit any projector within a certain size range. The more protective features your carrying case has, the better protected your projector will be.
  • Be careful Above all, you're the one responsible for your projector when you travel. Be careful and mindful of what you do with the projector. It's a fragile piece of sophisticated electronics. Don't pack your projector with your checked luggage when flying [source: Continental]. Don't drop it or let it bump into things. Don't leave it in hot or damp places [source: Caldwell]. Cover the lens to keep it from getting scratched or dirty, to ensure that you always have a clear image when projecting. Don't move the projector until it cools down after use [source: Caldwell].


Frequently Answered Questions

Can a projector go on a plane?
Yes, you can bring a projector on a plane as long as it is in your carry-on bag or checked baggage.