8 Great Projects to Reuse Old Cassette Tapes

Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Getty

In all likelihood, there is at least one small box in the back of the closet full of cassette tapes that you just haven't gotten rid of. Now, you don't need to! Here are some great projects for turning your old cassettes into new retro style items.


Home Decor

1. Cassette tapes with clear cases are a perfect medium for making a techy looking lamp. You can fashion them into a shade, or create a luminary for candles.


Purses, Bags, iPod Covers and Business Card Holders

2. How about turning a tape into a protective cover for your iPod? You can gut it and fit it to your device in a proper homage to the music of decades past.

3. If you'd rather have a soft case for your iPod, knit one up with the tap ribbon!


You can even get two purses out of a few cassette tapes.

4. Use the exterior of the cassette to create a cute coin purse—similar to making a purse out of a book.

5. Then use the ribbon to knit or crochet up an evening bag.

6. You can even get fancy and crochet up a zippered clutch.

7. If purses aren't your thing, what about a business card holder for your green business cards?


Storage Solution

8. Another option is gluing a few together to make a storage box. You can vary the size of the box depending on the size of your tape stash.