Gifts and Gadgets for Kids of All Ages

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Love the pitter-patter of tiny robotic feet? Need a way to stash your cash? Check out some of the latest gifts and gadgets that are at the top of everyone's wish list this holiday season.

Think outside the cube! Cube World players can connect up to 16 cubes and create virtual universes of stick figures that interact. Who knew that stick figures in a cube could be so much fun? Each cube has its own character that has a job, and once they are connected, players can watch the cube mates play, pester and protect each other. It only takes an active imagination and a little battery power to get hours of enjoyment and stick figure action! Add it to your list.



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Everybody loves Roboquad! With advanced robotic intelligence, infrared vision and virtual moods, Roboquad is the hottest toy on four legs. Roboquad gives budding techies the chance to live the future today. He gets cranky, happy, attentive, aloof and jumpy as he scoots about on any surface. Not only does he respond to his environment, Roboquad is also the proud recipient of numerous toy awards. Add it to your list.

­iSoundz Airstix

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Beat masters can take the show on the road with the iSoundz Digital Air Stix. Whether they want to create their own music or play along with their favorite songs, these drumsticks make sure the beat lives on, anytime and anywhere. With built-in speakers and MP3 compatibility, the iSoundz Airstix are sure to be a hit. Add it to your list.

Great Gadgets for Remote Control Addicts

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Radio Control Flytech Dragonfly

Outdoor enthusiasts will welcome this backyard bug. The first radio-controlled flying insect lets adventurers dive-bomb, glide and soar the skies in true Dragonfly fashion, due to its ultra lightweight design. Its easy-to-use radio control and impact resistance provide hours of enjoyment.

Add it to your list.

Radio Control Vectron Ultimate

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The Radio Control Vectron Ultimate gives Earthlings the chance to create their very own flying saucer. Explorers will love the chance to take to the skies with a quick charge from their very own launchpad. Add it to your list.

Moon in My Room

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The remote-controlled Moon in My Room brings the serenity of the moon indoors. Turn any room from day to night with 12 lunar phases and detailed moonscapes. Complete with moon phase charts and CD guided tour, the Moon in My Room is sure to please. Add it to your list.

Great Gadgets for Explorers

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Ultimate Star Planetarium

Turn day to night with Discovery's Ultimate Planetarium and fall asleep under the stars anytime! Astronomy comes indoors with this award-winning gadget. With five modes, a sleep timer and computer-aided imagery, this Planetarium is sure to please stargazers of all ages. Add it to your list.

Illuminated Rotating Universe Tabletop Globe

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Explore continents and oceans by day and constellations by night. The Illuminated Rotating Globe takes education to the next level with its quiet, motor-driven action. Its quality construction and appearance make it the perfect addition to any room. Add it to your list.

­­Nature’s Fire Color-Changing Volcano


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See the beauty and power of nature every day from the comfort and safety of home with Nature's Fire Color-Changing Volcano. Amuse adventure seekers for hours with this lifelike replica of an erupting volcano. Add it to your list.

Great Gadgets for Savers and Retro Lovers

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Discovery ATM

The Discovery ATM Machine is the ultimate at-home money management machine for children of all ages. Just like the neighborhood bank, savers can keep cash locked away in the Discovery ATM and save up for a rainy day. Cash is protected by a personal identification number, and a balance check is available at any time. So, sock it away in this piggy bank for a new generation! Add it to your list.

Rubik's Revolution

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Remember spending hours with the original? Well, it’s back and better than ever! Rubik's Revolution takes an interactive spin on this cube classic. Six electronic games keep users on their toes with award-winning sound and visuals. Add it to your list.

­­Gyrotek Rock Polisher

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Rolling stones never looked as good as they do with the Discovery Gyrotek Rock Polisher. The Gyrotek Rock Polisher makes stones' inner beauty shine through. Crafty ones can create polished rocks, jewelry, gemstones and more in half the time of those other rock polishers. Add it to your list.