10 DIY Projects for Tech Nerds

Touchscreen Gloves
Any pair of gloves can be touchscreen compatible with just the tiniest bit of stitching with conductive thread. © AdamRadosavljevic/iStock/Thinkstock

You love your smartphone's glossy, high-resolution touchscreen. But that love goes a bit sour in the winter, when your gloves make it impossible to swipe and press those animated buttons. That's because most screens use capacitive technology, meaning the fingertip must be able to conduct an electrical impulse from your body to the screen.

Sure, you can buy those fancy gloves with built-in touchscreen fingertips, but, it's more fun to make your own. By tapping your inner seamstress you can make just about any gloves work with a touchscreen by sewing conductive thread into the fingers.

You won't want a full spool of this thread, because it's pretty expensive and you probably don't have dozens of gloves that you want to alter. With an Internet search, you'll find suppliers that offer smaller quantities for less than $10.

With the thread in hand (ha!) you'll simply sew a patch of the thread into the tips of the fingers that you use to control your phone. Then you can swipe and press that touchscreen to your heart's content, all without frigid, frostbitten fingers.