10 Scary Modern Technologies

Google Glass
Attendees wear Google Glass while posing for a group photo during the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, 2013. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google Glass, the high-tech specs with a built-in camera and pop-up display, turns the idea of Big Brother on its head. Maybe the surveillance menace of the future won't be a fascist regime with spy cameras on every corner, but rather an army of geeks recording every waking moment of their lives with a nod of the head and the wink of an eye.

Aside from the inherent dorkiness of Glass, privacy is the biggest concern with the search giant's latest foray into world domination. What's to stop a Glasshead from turning on his camera in the subway, the doctor's office or the gym locker room? Several U.S. casinos, bars and movie theaters have already banned Glass [source: Stern]. Google says that Glass isn't that creepy. For example, a small light indicates when video is being recorded and Glass wearers have to look at a subject and wink to take a picture. Yeah, that's not creepy at all.

Another scary prospect is the combination of Glass, social media and facial recognition technology. Some app developers are excited about the prospect of a Glass app that can recognize a stranger's face and pull up information about the person scoured from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages [source: Bloomberg View]. While Google rejects the idea of facial recognition on Glass, the company has patented eye-tracking technology that would record what ads you look at in the real world and charge fees to advertisers on a "pay-per-gaze" basis [source: Rieland].

While we're on the subject of scary surveillance, let's take to the skies.