How FitBit Works

Author's Note

Up until a few years ago, my only exercise was short walks to and from the fridge.

Then, a persistent (read: incredibly annoying), running-obsessed friend finally convinced me to get outside and run, if only a few sluggish miles. She encouraged me to start slow, take my time and let my body adjust to new routines. The transformation was slow and not without struggle, but eventually, I got into the best shape of my life.

It was the consistent encouragement and goal tracking that helped me accomplish that feat. Gadgets like FitBit are kind of like having a friend who prods you along when you really don't feel up to worrying about your health. It keeps the issue front and center, every day, so that you learn to prioritize physical well-being. And as some people say, your health is all you have. If devices like these can give us better, longer lives, I'm all for them.

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