Recycle Old Earbuds into DIY Speakers

Simon Weller/Getty Images
Simon Weller/Getty Images

Fact: I am murder on earbuds. I throw 'em in my messenger bag to get crushed, leave 'em on my floor to get stepped on, and ball 'em up in my pocket to get massacred. The poor little devils don't stand a chance of survival, and invariably end up battered, bruised, and disfigured. Most of the time, they pop their external foam windguards, and sometimes the plastic casings those foam dealies protect, long before their insides stop being able to pump music. So, what to do with all these deformed but functional earbuds crammed into that drawer in my closet? Make speakers!

If you too have a set of mangled 'buds that still have functional hearts of gold, try transforming them into cool, working speakers with the help of a couple items that would otherwise end up in your trash can or recycling bin. The end result might not offer a high-tech subwoofer, and you might want some real green speakers for your stereo system proper, but these little DIY solutions will give plenty of amplification for, say, hooking up to your laptop so you can hear the audio on, say, a cool online video clip of Bill Nye the Science Guy on Recycling.

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