Will computers replace doctors?

Author's Note

I suspect that many people are like me -- they've dealt with healthcare professionals all over the spectrum. I've had some amazingly empathetic ones. I've had ones who barely said two words to me and never made eye contact. I've had ones who seemed more interested in telling me about their day than finding out why I was there in the first place. And I've also had ones that made mistakes. Maybe some people would initially feel uncomfortable getting a diagnosis and treatment from a computer, but there's always a learning curve. Those people who joked about never being able to get their VCR to do anything but blink "12:00" are using cell phones now. I think that it'll end up being a mix of the two -- even if they can seem compassionate, it will be tough for some people to tell their stories (and that's what medical histories can be) to a computer. Even if it's a "sociable human robot."

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