10 Futurist Predictions in the World of Technology


Universal Translators

As the Old Testament Bible story goes, the people once spoke the same language and were proud of the accomplishments they made in society, so they decided to build a tall monument to their accomplishments to spread their name to the heavens. God decided to humble their pride by confusing their language so they no longer spoke the same tongue. He created a babble and they abandoned their tower of Babel and scattered out to other nations, no longer proud and no longer one.

Maybe the creators of universal translators aren't out to reunite the nations and put an end to global language confusion, but amazingly enough, the day is near when two people speaking different languages can communicate with one another in their own voices but in languages they don't know or understand. An Arabic speaker can push a button and have his words translated into English as spoken, and vice-versa [source: Dillow].

Anyone who uses Internet-based translators knows the difficulty of getting an accurate translation through a computer, but some of the biggest names in computer technology and military intelligence are hard at work in enabling easier communication across the nations.