5 Great Educational Computer Games for Kids

Your child can bring her drawings to life in "Itzabitza."
Your child can bring her drawings to life in "Itzabitza."

At first glance, "Itzabitza" might appear to be nothing but a fun, albeit simple, drawing program. Watch your child play for a bit, though, and you'll see that it's much more. This game -- designed for 4- to 8-year-olds -- motivates kids to learn to read by asking them to draw pictures and objects. As the child draws, the game brings their creations to life using a unique "Living Ink" technology. Even the most rudimentary rocket ship will blast off, and a young child's representation of a cloud can spill enough rain to cause the characters in the game to break out their umbrellas. While they play, children not only improve reading comprehension, but also learn problem solving, creativity and logic skills. After your child has conquered the original "Itzabitza," pick up a copy of its companion game, "Itzazoo," to keep your kid engaged.

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