10 Educational Video Games Your Kids Will Love


Big Brain Academy

While lots of games can mask their educational content behind fun story lines and silly characters, Big Brain Academy turns learning itself into a fun challenge. Logic, math, analysis and memory skills are all developed with activities and games to train your brain every day. The more you play, the better you get; and the better you get the heavier your brain becomes!

Big Brain's games are grouped into five categories based on the skills you're building: think, memorize, analyze, compute and identify. You can practice, practice, practice, but the ultimate challenge comes when you take the test to determine your brain weight. Not satisfied with your score? Then keep practicing and try again! You can compete against your own best scores or even challenge friends and family to see who has the heaviest brain.

Big Brain Academy is available for the Nintendo DS and is suitable for ages 3 and up, but can be just as fun for grown-ups as it is for the young 'uns.